About Peerless Clothing

Peerless Clothing Inc. was founded in 1919. Alvin Segal, Chairman & CEO, joined the company in 1951. He began his career by working in the factory and quickly became one of the industry's most technically knowledgeable individuals in the production of fine men's tailored clothing.

It was Alvin Segal's introduction of the engineered suit into North America that gave Peerless its big break. On January 1st, 1989, the Free Trade Agreement opened access to the U.S. market. Seeing this as an opportunity to take the US market by storm Alvin Segal hired Ronny Wurtzburger as President of Peerless Clothing U.S.A. This combined with a substantial investment in machinery and technology and retraining his staff resulted in the production of a better quality and better value garment. The combined efforts of Alvin Segal and Ronny Wurtzburger have grown Peerless into the largest and most powerful force in the men's tailored clothing industry today.

Ronny Wurtzburger has led Peerless Clothing for nearly 30 years before moving on to his new role in the company as Chairman of the Board.

Today, Peerless Clothing is the largest manufacturer of men's and boys' tailored clothing in North America.  Supplying most major department and specialty stores in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, Peerless Clothing's impressive portfolio of designer labels and product innovations continues to redefine the gold standard of the tailored clothing market.